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Non-Destructive Testing "NDT"

"NDT" Department is serving broad market segments i.e. Inspection Services, Automotive, Automotive Components, Oil & Gas, Marine, Rail Way, Metal Working, Tubes & Pipes, Transformers, .. etc

a. Penetrant Testing

Our PT product range is represented by the renowned Britemor® and Checkmor® brands with the following product groups:

  • fluorescent/water-washable penetrants (oil-based, surfactant-based and water-based)

  • fluorescent/post-emulsifiable penetrants

  • colour-contrast penetrants

  • penetrant removers

  • developers


b. Magnetic Particle Testing

Our MP products are marketed under their well-known Lumor® and Supramor® brands comprising

  • fluorescent magnetic inks

  • black magnetic inks and white contrast paints

  • carrier oils

  • removers


Chemetall’s technology portfolio:

  • Britemor®, Checkmor® PT products for the general industry

  • Lumor®, Supramor® MT products for the general industry

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