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Automotive Sealants

Sealants help to protect sheet steel, hem flanges and seams against corrosion caused by moisture penetration into construction-caused gaps. The products help to prevent this damage in doors, tail and headlight areas. The product range of our sealants is based on plastisol, polyurethane, butyl rubber and other elastomer technology. No matter which products you require for your individual tasks, with us you have a strong partner who is focused on serving your individual needs and requirements. We understand perfect service to be customer orientation as well as the provision of high quality products and services.

Damping :

Damping materials are applied inside the car body. All areas subject to vibration e.g. firewall, floor panels, trunk compartment panels, wheel arches, roof, doors and hatches are treated. Our solution for sound damping range from material to application equipment and services is your ideal partner for sound damping, either for individual areas or for an overall system solution.

We are cooperating with a leader international manufacturers to provide the Automotive sealers to the Egyptian markets meeting our customers’ demands and satisfaction .

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